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Dedicated to Instilling Self-Esteem in Every Student

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Year End Celebration Production
Friday, June 22, 2018
5:30 PM
The Bella Concert Hall

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Dance with France

One of Calgary’s longest running family-operated dance schools, Dance with France is dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality dance instruction and professional dynamic entertainment.

Dance with France offers not only one year-end recital but the opportunity for students to perform in two exciting shows per year! With more performance opportunities, our students gain confidence, experience, and stage presence! By inspiring a passion for dance and performance, we are dedicated to being fresh, motivating, high energy, as well as instilling good values and self-esteem in every student.

Dance with France is the originating studio to promote this positive style of dance education! We have some of the best instructors, join our amazing dance family today!

Instructor Spotlight

Dance with France

Rochelle Gartner, BA Dance, Artistic Director

Dance with France

Sofie Vielfaure has trained in Paris, New York, and Montreal

New 2017/18 Instructors

Jennifer Fridfinnson

Jennifer Fridfinnson, 2017 UofC Dance Graduate

Angela Rak

Angela Rak, 23 years of teaching experience

Rosalyn Harris

Rosalyn Harris, Ryerson Dance Program

What We Do: Dance With France 2016 Studio Video